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Precision, excellence and personal service!

Technology today makes it possible for almost any patient to wear contact lenses. For your convenience, we offer a variety of contact lens designs.

The New Wearer’s Contact Lens Program is a safe, convenient and personalized opportunity for you to experience the freedom of vision without glasses.As part of our program, you will receive the following products and services:

  • Trial contact lenses in your prescription
  • Starter kit of lens care solution products
  • Personal instruction session on proper contact lens insertion, removal and cleaning
  • Doctor’s evaluation of lens performance and vision
  • Access to virtually every disposable lens on the market, including coloured contact lenses, bifocal contact lenses and lenses for astigmatism.
  • 100% patient satisfaction

Our clinic also offers the Healthy Eyes Plan. This program for disposable contact lens wearers offers members substantial savings on quality eye care services and products.

Please call our clinic or email eyeandvisionappointments@outlook.com to book an appointment.